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  • Model: Smart Fence Energizer
  • Wireless control solar security electric fence energizer
  • Anti-looping(by pass), to prevent looping live fencing
  • Differential voltage output technology
  • Short circuit,break and tamper alarm
  • Self inspection and communication failure alarm
Wireless remote control
  • Output voltage and energy are adjustable
  • RS485 communication protocol(hand in hand)
  • Up to 24 working status logs records
  • Back-up Battery management and low voltage indication
Technical specification
  • Peak high voltage (positive and negative) output: 5-7 KV (adjustable);
  • Peak low voltage (positive and negative) output :<1.0KV ,(adjustable);
  • Peak output current: ≤ 10A;
  • Pulse duration time: ≤ 0.1 second;
  • Pulse period: 1.2 seconds;
  • Single pulse output electric charge :2.6mC;
  • Backup battery working time:≥8 hours(6.0KV output);
  • N/O, N/C Switch : 25V ,1.5A;
  • Siren: 12V,5W;
  • Whole system consumption:≤15W;
  • Single pulse output energy:≤5.0J;
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